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Artificial Intelligence: current Italian regulations and future perspectives

TIPOLOGIA: Tesi di Laurea Magistrale
ATENEO: Universitą degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca
FACOLTÀ: Giurisprudenza
The aim of this paper is approaching the theme of Artificial Intelligence and the regulations involved when referring to non-contractual liability, specifically the damages that a new technological system may cause and both the rights of harmed individuals and the ones of any other party involved in it, following the whole chain from the creation of the product to its placing on the market and its usage.
In the first Chapter we will begin our coverage of the field by getting deep in the genealogy of AI.
In the second Chapter the theme of the non-contractual liability.
In the last Chapter we will look at how Europe has decided to approach the theme, how it wanted, and still wants, to be at the forefront of such futuristic field, and take landmarking decisions that will shape the Union’s future.

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